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Congratulations, Dave!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Buying a house in 2020 and jumping straight into 2021 looks a lot like this, if you ask us:

Congratulations to you, Dave! Searching for your first home in Longmont was a blast - despite the few blizzards and blustery days we endured! In hindsight, I'm so glad that the first home we put an offer in on didn't work out, because if it had, we wouldn't have found this absolute stunner:

It was such a pleasure helping you win over the seller in a multiple offer situation by knowing exactly what the comparative properties sold for in the area and offering quickly and decisively. I am so grateful to have received your contact info as a referral from my past client and incredible BeautyCounter rep, Perri*shameless plug. There's nothing I enjoy more than turning around a less-than-stellar experience and I'm so glad to have been given the opportunity to crush it after your first try with another realtor team didn't work out. Our industry is full of awesome, hard-working agents and it really meant a lot when you wrote "it's not about the sale for you" in the thank you card you gave ME at closing. I look forward to watching your place transform into the minimalist zen den you so fully deserve!


If you're reading this and considering one day buying a home with my team, we want you to know that we're going to do our best to "unsell" the home we're touring with you. Our goal is to look for anything that may be unsatisfactory about the house, townhome, or condo unit, and when the list is short, you might get our blessing. We'll check if the garage door is wonky going up and down, for sitting water in the dishwasher, and for windows that look fine at first glance, but don't quite open and close with ease. Sure, this list of items may be remediable by our in-house TLC consultant post-closing, but details like these often lend an eye to the level of homeownership pride that keeps a home afloat. We want to make sure you're happy long after you move in, and preventative observance is our best line of defense.


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