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Finding the Perfect Rental:

We are proud to be the real estate professionals of choice for folks who aren't quite familiar enough with the city to buy yet and are looking to develop a trusting relationship with a real estate agent during their rental search. When it's time to purchase your home, we hope you'll remember the professionalism and courtesy you receive from us as coaches on your rental journey.

* Please note, renter agent services are paid by the landlord (when applicable). *


Step 1: Determine your Specs

We will send you a budget worksheet to review your monthly expenses and help determine your ideal price rangeFrom there, we recommend you consider how close you need to be to various activities that your lifestyle requires (work, school, entertainment) and choose neighborhoods that are within your preferred maximum distance. We are happy to help guide you and also recommend checking out Visit Denver's Neighborhood Guide for more information. 


Step 2: Begin Searching

We'll set you up on an automated search based on your ideal rental home's criteria. We will also send you a spreadsheet to collaborate and more easily organize homes for rent from various websites. You can rate them, leave notes, and discuss tour dates from there. We will help guide you on setting tours, and if and when landlords become difficult to get ahold of, we can step in to take communication a step further on your behalf. We are happy to attend previews with you and can create walk-thru video tours for clients who are out of state or country. This step will help you narrow down neighborhoods, types of homes, and your "needs vs. wants" in a rental.

Step 3: Securing "the One"

Once you've found the rental you love, we will help you navigate the application and follow-up process. We often see that the rental market is "first come, first serve", so it is important to be diligent with booking tours and looking for your rental property. 

Step 4: Follow Up

Need an extra set of hands on move-in day? Let us know! Our team is dedicated to making sure your move goes smoothly and we're happy to lend a helping hand and/or recommend a great moving company to take on those stairs. Once you've moved in, we hope you'll continue to consider us your trusted real estate advisors and call us should you ever need anything!

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