Sara M. Buyer and Seller - 2021

Megan and Ash are an all-star team, and were with me there every step of the way from buying my first home to selling my other property. They are setting a new standard for the home buying and selling experience! They are both hard-working, thorough, and have incredible attention to detail. From expert walkthroughs on potential properties to checklists for moving, to creative ways to market the property I was selling, they did an incredible job guiding me through the home buying and selling process. I trialed a couple of realtors before working with Ash and Megan, but wish I could have worked with the DEN Collaborative sooner! I would highly recommend this dynamic team to anyone, and couldn't have hoped for a better home buying and selling experience as the DEN Collaborative provided.

Jenna H. Buyer - 2021

Ash was a dream to work with in finding a home as a first-time home buyer. She is knowledgeable, reliable, and on top of her game. She would always get us in as the first appointment as houses came on the market. Ash came over and explained the whole process. She patiently explained everything and answered all my questions. Can't recommend her enough!

Hendrik S. Buyer - 2021

Meg and Ash went above and beyond on the purchase of my new home: They made sure that I knew what was going on throughout the whole process, despite me being out of the country for the majority of the process. They answered all of my silly questions as a first-time homebuyer and even prioritized the home inspection to make sure we got this done before I left the country. Thank you so much for helping me buy my first home and minimizing the stress throughout the transaction!

Joanna T. - Seller - 2021

Dear Ashley and Megan,

Thank you so much for helping us sell our home! What a blessing you have been! I really appreciate all you did and just want to list the things that made a big difference and were so helpful to us in selling our home.

- The deep cleaning service was not only a huge help to us, but it also allowed us to leave the home clean for the new homeowners.

- Repairs to the railing, sliding pantry shelves, folding closet door, and carpet fill-in work were such a blessing and lifted our burden of preparing the home.

- The staging really showed off our home in a way that I think allowed potential buyers to picture themselves living in the home.

- Linking us up with the photographer that knew how to photograph our home in the best way and providing a professional video to showcase it, really made our home stand out from others on the market.

- Being flexible with our desires for when to sell the home – especially letting us push back the show dates to a time that worked so much better for us.

- Being on top of and knowledgeable about the offers and working with the different buyer’s agents to help us find the best offer.

- Your constant “can do” attitudes helped us keep focused and look for ways to meet the deadlines and accomplish what was needed.

I think you two make an awesome team and am so thankful that the Lord directed us to you to sell our home. You did a great job, and I will continue to recommend you to anyone who is wanting truly professional help in selling or buying a home.


Joanna T.

Hannah S. Buyer - 2021

Ashley and her team did an amazing job finding me (a 1st time home buyer) my ideal home! I am genuinely blown away that she was able to secure me a place that checked every box (location, style, size, price, timeframe to move, etc) in this current market, but she worked her magic and really came through. Above that, her TLC consultant Rick has been amazing in helping me design and implement my dream home renovations. The team has worked with my schedule and have been super engaged and attentive to what my needs are through this entire process. I couldn't recommend Ash, Megan, Rick, and the whole Den Collab team enough to anyone looking to buy in the greater Denver area!

Phil C. - Buyer - 2020

The Den Collaborative made our home buying experience easy and fun. Megan and her team walked us through every step and were always there for questions, support, and resources. I highly recommend her team for your next buying/selling experience.

Dave W. Buyer - 2020

I know buying a house is supposed to be MY big day, but I have to take a moment to recognize the impact Megan had. She played a huge role in making it happen and I can't thank her enough. I have limited experience with realtors but there's no doubt in my mind Megan is one of the best. From our first conversation, all the way through closing, she was nothing but honest, helpful & genuine throughout the process.

For Megan, it's never been about a sale or a commission. She cares deeply about my happiness, and that kind of sincere thoughtfulness leaves a lasting impression. She wasn't just trying to find me a home. She was fanatically searching for something I'd fall in love with.


Buying a house was arguably the biggest decision I've made in my entire life (of 36 years). With 'just another realtor,' I truly don't know that I would've ended up here... in a place that I'm this excited about. Megan, and her small team of talented helpers, made it happen. I can't thank them enough for being part of my exciting new journey. If you're looking to buy or sell a home, not only would I recommend Megan, but I'd go out of my way to share with you all the reasons she's so awesome."

Mylitza A.-Buyer - 2020

"As a first-time homebuyer, I had the pleasure of working with Megan. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Megan by Ashley, who was constantly by our side! From start to finish these ladies were very responsive, kind, and constant professionals. From the first time home we looked at until the closing date, Megan was by my side offering her support and comfort, which was very much needed.

Overall, Megan was exceptionally knowledgeable, extremely patient, and very dedicated. Her dad was also a constant support that facilitated the first-time homeownership process. I will always be thankful for Ashley, Megan, and Richard (Megan’s dad) who helped me find and create a home away from home! Thank you, Megan, Ashley, and Richard, I am extremely grateful."

Perri C. - Buyer - 2019


"Megan is absolutely a pleasure!!! She is extremely responsive and I felt like she had a great understanding of exactly what I was looking for which lead me to my first home - which she found and I totally overlooked! Megan is not only hardworking but makes the home buying process fun and stress-free. I’ve already been giving her name out to anyone I hear looking to start the search. Beyond an agent, Megan is now also a friend. Thank you, Megan!"

Kyla Speer - Buyer - 2019


"Megan is super!! She showed me so many places that checked my boxes and was patient throughout my decision-making. I was a first-time home buyer, and she made the whole process easy, despite a few unforeseen bumps in the road on the seller’s part. She was a great communicator throughout and has become a sweet friend! She knows her stuff and has great resources behind her to answer all of the questions that come with buying a place, straight down to what paint colors, furniture, and upgrades you should go for!

Thank you, Megan! I love my new place and am grateful for your help!"


Abi Shotland - Renter - 2019


"I can’t recommend Megan enough. When I was on the hunt for a new rental, I wasn’t sure where to look or what to look for. Megan had me send her criteria as to what I was looking for; she sent me biweekly updates every time something was listed that she thought I’d like. She took time to set up showings and go on the tours with me, showing me what I should look for and what were red flags. Meg really cares about her clients and has an air of professionalism. Also, she always adds a cute personal touch, whether that’s bringing tiny succulents or delicious donuts - Megan gets it done!"

Aaron Wilson - Seller - 2018

"I first met Megan at a local park in Denver while walking my dog two months before I put my house on the market in October 2018. We became fast friends, and soon after, Megan became my informal real estate advisor because I had already hired a different realtor at the time. Fast-forward 45 days to mid-November and I still hadn’t received an offer after implementing my realtor’s strategy and plan. I was frustrated, and I feared that I’d have to pull the listing for the winter season. Fortunately, Megan made herself available (voluntarily) and demonstrated the level of investment (time, energy, and money) that I needed to sell this property by January.

As a first-time seller of real estate, there’s a lot that I don’t know. With Megan, her advocacy and knowledge of how to get an offer, in spite of a softening market, gave me the confidence I needed to wait to pull the listing. She had this calming effect on me through her empathetic approach to solving my problems. For example, in spite of my fears, Megan insisted that there is still time and there’s more to do. What came next was not what I expected. Within two weeks, Megan expanded the listing social media footprint, targeted marketing content to appeal to specific buyers (e.g., millennials and out-of-state buyers), leveraged her network of connections to raise awareness of the property, delivered two walkthrough marketing videos, and held an open house.

Through Megan’s efforts, I accepted an over-asking price offer from an out-of-state buyer on December 4 with the closing of the sale expected on January 7. I couldn’t have gotten to this stage without her."




noun: den; plural noun: dens

  1. a wild animal's lair or habitation

  2. home




  1. produced by two or more parties working together.

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