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Congratulations, Cate & Conner!

"I don't want to look at any more houses, this is the one."

- Cate, standing in the living room of what would soon be her home.

Conner and Cate stand behind the Land Title "it's closing time" sign with casual smiles on their big day!

I met Cate and Conner through Joey, a dear friend of mine whom I've known since college. He actually put us in touch a few years back when Cate and Conner decided to move to Denver and were on the hunt for a rental. Since then, we have all spent many a Halloween weekend listening to "I Want Candy" by Aaron Carter (RIP) and trading stories about Florida life.

When they started getting the "itch" to maybe dip their toes in the proverbial homeownership water, Joey again ushered Cate my way (shout out, MVP)! The timing was kismet. I was planning to host a Home Buying 101 class with my lending partner, Bryson, that week. Cate and Conner hopped on to learn a bit more and the next week I was sitting at their dining room table, discussing their goals and options.

During one of the most relaxed home-buying consults I've ever had, I learned exactly what Cate and Conner were looking for in a home. After living in Ukraine during their time in the Peace Corps, they had become adjusted to the charm of rustic living. That said, Farmhouse Architecture was "out". They were okay with finding a home on the smaller side, as long as the yard was a good fit for their Mastiff puppy, Gumbo. And when Cate told me she wanted to find a home with "witchy vibes", I was immediately on board. I mean...who doesn't?

Since they had already chatted with Bryson, we were able to get the search started almost right away. Here's what we were looking for:

  • 2 Beds / 2 Baths

  • South Platt/Rosedale - Englewood area

  • Big Yard for Puppers

  • Entertainment Flow

  • Large Dining Room - "We are keeping that table"

  • Garage // No Street Parking // Wide Streets

  • <$600K


As we viewed the homes that came up on their search, many of them leaned too far to one side of the scale or the other. Most of the time, they needed more work than what Cate and Conner were looking for, or they had been completely remodeled in a way that didn't quite fit the bill. In a few instances, homes that showed beautifully in photos harbored a smell that drove us away - a detail not able to be observed until you are in the home. After two days of hunting and about 11 home tours in 3 neighborhoods, Cate decided she didn't need to look at any more homes, 2981 W Saratoga was "the one".

The front view of W Saratoga Ave.

After comparing the quality of what they were looking to spend in South Platt vs. across the street in Centennial Acres, the difference was undeniable. The roads were nice and wide and they were still only a short drive from their favorite strip of bars and restaurants. Most of their boxes were checked, and then some (hello bonus basement space!) We strategized with their lender, Bryson, and boom - we were under contract at list price with a staggering $12,000 promised in concessions.

Conner stands in the "closing time" sign and Cate gives thumbs up while both of them are laughing

And just like that, we were on our way to the closing table - but not before inspections were complete! Sometimes in this industry, our job is to call every plumber, contractor, and exterminator we know until we fish out the answer everyone is looking for. In this case, with a little bit of digging and determination on the part of the listing agent and myself, and the help of kind and willing sellers, the mystery of the "wet wall" was solved quickly and without concern.

And now, we were really off to the closing table! Cate and Conner ended up with a house and yard bigger than they set their standards for, under budget. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of exploring in neighborhoods you've yet to check out in order to find just the right place!


Would ya' just look at it?!


Congratulations, again, Cate and Conner!

We are delighted to have found you a home that exceeded your expectations with a yard that is definitely big enough for your sweet baby Gumbo! Thank you for your trust through this process, it really means the world to me. Cheers to the home improvement projects that dot the calendar in your future - we can't wait to be a part of them for years to come!

A giant brindle Mastiff puppy poses for the camera with a smile, his tounge hanging out on one side and his right ear flopped over backwards.

As always, I owe my undying gratitude to the following folks:

TLC Consultant: Richard Coite

(@RichBunRoll )

Transaction Coordinator: Paige Gebba

Lender Extraordinaire: Bryson Schoenecke at Cross Country Mortgage

Listing Photos Courtesy of: Courtney Nelson at Porchlight Real Estate Group

MLS: 4666331

PS. This is Gumbo on the first day we met. At the end of our meeting, we went outside to throw his ball and all was right in the world. Congratulations on your new backyard, Gumbo!

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