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Congratulations, Allison and Evan!

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

They thought they wanted a bungalow in the Highlands... until they found the split-level of their dreams in walking distance from Olde Town Arvada.


Allison and Evan have been planning and plotting their dream home for some time now and when we sat down for coffee, they seemed extremely prepared to get started. Both Claire and Sam sent them my way and from the first time we sat down, I knew they were going to be a joy to work with.

They hoped to find a charming home that provided them with the ability to make it their own.

Besides that, we were searching for the following criteria:

  • 2+ beds

  • 1+ bath

  • 800+ sq feet

  • 20 - 45 mins from Louisville

  • Yard space for cornhole & grill

  • Not on busy road

  • Open kitchen/room to cook

  • NO washer or dryer in kitchen

  • Primary not in basement

  • Walkable or close to a park

  • AC is installed or possible to install

After a few solid weekends with our noses to the ground, we found it!


We started by exploring everything from near-teardowns to beautifully remodeled homes throughout the West side of the city and most just didn't spark the joy they were searching for. We started exploring further from Denver proper and into neighborhood pockets where the walkability still fit, and Arvada sparked their interest. We found homes that could be a potential fit, one that we offered on but didn't get, and then it happened the way it was always supposed to and we found "the one".


The Spring market started early this year and we submitted an offer against 10 others. Allison and Evan were ready to do what it took to get the home, as long as it made financial sense in both the short and long term. I ran comps and put together a strategy with the help of my incredible lending partner, Bryson, and we submitted it to the listing agent with open ears and hearts. We were fortunate to be working with a great agent on the listing side and together we managed to come to a mutual agreement for both parties. A win for everyone!!

While the home had some cosmetic items that would definitely be a joy to update for Allison and Evan, there were also concerns with bigger items like the foundation! We went into the transaction knowing that we needed answers on this issue, specifically, and it became my mission to get them. Once we were armed with information from our inspection, I scheduled various contractors to come bid on the jobs that they would eventually like to have done. And boy was that helpful for negotiations! Next, we submitted a request for concessions* to take care of a portion of those items, and bing, bang, boom - the listing agent and his clients agreed. It made the most sense for everyone if we met in the middle and kept moving forward!

So, while Allison and Evan did bid over-asking on this property, they were well within their budget and the confines of a smart investment from a real estate perspective - plus, they got cash back from the seller in the end to cover those inspection items.

The moral of the story? Each person's transaction is unique to them - and Allison and Evan's was no different. While the decisions on how to move forward at each stage were ultimately up to them, they were able to put their trust in our team and make informed and confident decisions on what may have otherwise seemed like daunting choices along the way.


And now look at them - would ya just look at 'em?!




Absolutely "crushing" the remodeling game as brand-new homeowners with Richard by their side.


The sellers in this transaction were especially wonderful to work with and we even got to meet them at our joint closing and thank them. This house was their childhood home and it was special for them to meet the folks who were going to be the next stewards of the property. Above is a photo of the buyers and sellers together with the listing agent and me!

See for yourself what they set up at the house to greet Allison and Evan on closing day:

A sweet welcome home on their very first day of being homeowners! This home has been well-loved for the last 50 years and will be for years and years to come.


Congrats again, Allison and Evan! Thank you so much for your trust and can-do attitude throughout the transaction and since closing. We are so excited to continue to be a part of your journey after handing you the keys and cannot wait to see the final fruits of your labor!


As always, I owe my undying gratitude to the following folks:

TLC Consultant: Richard Coite ( @RichBunRoll )

Transaction Coordinator: Paige Gebba

Lender Extraordinaire: Bryson Schoenecke at Cross Country Mortgage

Listing Agent: Jesus 'JJ' Cortez at KW Luxury Homes

Listing Photos Courtesy of Jesus 'JJ' Cortez

MLS: 4081948

To learn more about buying a home with The DEN Collaborative CLICK HERE

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