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Congratulations, Sam!

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Dedicated fur mom determined to find a "one-in-a-million" deal, Sam made her own damn dreams come true!

Sam, was referred to me by my new friend Haley and was ready to embark on her home-buying journey! Haley and I met at Claire's cute blue house back in May. Although she didn't need a real estate agent at the time, Haley made a special little file in her memory and labeled it:

"Megan Coite - Real Estate Agent". When Sam asked her if she knew any real estate agents, she encouraged her to add me on IG!

In our industry, the official term for gals like Haley is "the MTFKN MVP"

When Sam reached out, the first thing we did was set up a time to meet at Red Silo Coffee in Arvada to get to know each other a little more. I walked her through the steps of buying a home, asking and answering questions along the way. I learned that she'd been dreaming of a yard big enough for her puppy, Tio, to play fetch in and a space for her to work from home! She was keen to get pre-qualified right away and I was able to set her up on a home search almost immediately.

Sam is the kind of person who knows exactly what she wants and is patient enough to wait until she finds it. Some of her wishlist items included:

  • "Chuck it" sized fenced yard

  • 2+ Bedrooms

  • Space to work from home

  • 1+ Car Garage

  • West side of town

  • >$550K

Our search began with a bit of research as we toured a wide variety of properties from Lakewood to Westminster. Some of the Single Family Homes presented gigantic, unmanaged yards, while the townhomes generally didn't have enough fenced space for Tio to really stretch his legs. After touring a little bit of everything, we decided to hit the coffee shop again to caffeinate and revisit Sam's wants vs. her needs. We weighed the pros and cons together and within the week we were able to narrow in on a townhome that checked nearly every one of Sam's wishlist items!


I could tell when we walked through the door that this home could be the one, by the look on Sam's face. The yard was the perfect size for her boy and the loft provided a perfect #WFH space. We touched base with our lender partners directly after the showing and pulled numbers to see what Sam's monthly payment would be with current interest rates.

With that information, I was able to negotiate $14K+ in seller concessions for Sam to put toward buying down her interest rate! Even though this home was listed a bit higher than her initial price point, Sam was comfortable with the payments once the concession was applied.


Farrah, the inspector, brought more great news: Sam's future home had the fewest number of items to be corrected that she had seen all week! Knowing we had already secured the max amount in concessions and that she will always have our team on her side (even after closing), she was happy to keep moving forward without contest.

Additionally, the appraisal came in at the asking price (yay)! And since Sam was due to receive concession cash, she walked into instant equity *insert happy dance*.

In the end, we were able to secure the home she fell in love with (complete with a yard fit for a small, fluffy king) at the price point she wanted to be in - a buyer's agent dream come true.


I mean, just look at Tio's smile!


Congratulations again Sam and Tio! We are so humbled that you chose our team to hold your hand through your first home purchase. Thank you for your trust and patience. Looking forward to the "side yard" BBQ's and puppy dates to come!


As always, I owe my undying gratitude to the following folks: TLC Consultant: Richard Coite ( @RichBunRoll ) Transaction Coordinator: Paige Gebba Listing Agent: Team Lassen

Listing Photos Courtesy of Team Lassen MLS: 9905774

To learn more about buying a home with The DEN Collaborative CLICK HERE

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