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Congratulations, Claire!

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Claire bought the Blue House, da ba dee da ba di!

Claire and I met through my very first client, Kyla (thanks again, girlfriend!), at a gathering last December. Kyla invited us over for candy making in her adorable Cheesman Park condo, where Claire and I instantly connected!

Over frosting and sprinkles, I discovered that homeownership was a big goal for her in 2022 and she was ready to learn how to achieve it.

We set up a buyer meeting for the following week. Over Zoom, we discussed the expectations she'd need to set in order to be aggressive in a market with limited inventory and competitive buyers. She understood the assignment and took the next (and most important) step - getting pre-qualified.

She worked quickly with one of my preferred lenders to learn what she was qualified for and soon we were off touring homes! We previewed seven houses in three different neighborhoods. As they say, location is everything and Claire's toughest decision was debating between living near her job on the south side of town or closer to her community in Central Denver. In the end, it made more sense for her to have a longer commute to work and a shorter cab drive for nights spent with her girls! We tightened up her search criteria and soon discovered the "Blue House". During our tour, we were impressed by the high-level finishes and the spacious yard beckoned for her pup, Lou, to come and play.

I worked my magic and drafted up an attractive offer, including an appraisal gap to cover anything that the loan didn't and an escalation clause we didn't end up needing to employ. The listing agent later told me that she was impressed with our quick and clear communication and before we knew it we were under contract based on our strong offer and eagerness to close the deal.

Besides the mummified cat in the crawlspace (yep, you read that right), the inspection came back with normal and expected repairs. The major concerns were the age of the furnace and whether or not central AC could be integrated into the current forced heat air system. We secured a quote to upgrade the HVAC systems, including the installation of central air and a new furnace. Claire was comfortable with the quoted costs and opted to move forward with no inspection objections.

Claire timed her closing so that she could spend a couple of weeks readying her home for move-in. Quickly after celebrating her closing, she started on her new house projects and has made a ton of progress! She updated the entire HVAC system just in time for summer, hired an electrician for some upgrades, and had our handyman tighten up the loose ends.

Congrats again Claire, we are so honored that you chose our team to walk you down the aisle of home buying. I'm so happy to have created a new friendship through this transaction and am so grateful for the sweet care package you sent my way after our closing! I have been truly humbled to be your agent and look forward to seeing you transform the Blue House into your Blue Home!

All our love,

Meg and The DEN Collaborative

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