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Launch Day - FINALLY!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

YAY! We did it. We made it real. If there's one takeaway I've gained from this incredible process of "teaming up" it's that we wouldn't be where we are right now without each other.

A little backstory: Ash and I met at Thump Coffee in late 2018, shortly after I hung my license under Resident Realty. She walked up to the table I was sharing with a colleague and asked us, "Are you talking about real estate?" I was immediately impressed by her courage, diction and curiosity. After our meeting, she asked for class information and over the next months, flew through the real estate program with ease. As neighbors, we met for coffee often and once she had decided on a team we decided to work together in a fairly unconventional way: together, under separate companies. In many ways, we were behaving like teammates before we officially were. Pre - pandemic, we worked together on open houses nearly every weekend, helping each other build our individual brands. We discussed ideas, compared experiences and encouraged the other person's success. Ash watched as my dad (Richard) helped my business blossom through one of the most uncertain times in our careers and the more we discussed our goals, the more we realized we are stronger as one. After everything that's happened in the last several months, our vision of what is important not only to us, but to the people we serve, has become crystal clear. Ashley and I share the intrinsic belief that every person deserves a clean, safe place to call "home". We believe that if we succeed in our mission to give back on every corner, our communities will also succeed. Every basic human need should be met, and housing is no different. We wholeheartedly concur that not only should the process be accessible, it also should be simple. Our aim is to serve at a level not often experienced in this industry. We're here as your guide, to answer your questions quickly and give you solutions that are easy to understand. Our team is committed to you long term, too. After you move in, Richard will provide you with expert DIY advice and we'll connect you with contractors and vendors as you need them. From the first time we meet for coffee, until well after you've stepped over the threshold of your new home, we will be there to help in any and every way we can. So that's it. That's why we started something different. A collaborative of agents and homemakers, here to make your transition from one home to the next as painless as possible. With roots deeply embedded in the "people first" mentality, we thrive on getting it done the right way the first time. We're very glad you're here and hope you decide stay a for a while. Our website is has been carefully curated with the modern home buyer and seller in mind. We've eliminated the "fluff", so that you can quickly get down to the details and start asking the questions you need answered early on. After all, that's why you're here - isn't it?

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