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Congratulations, Kaitie and Dylan!

Finding the perfect home (& yard) for their three pups led Kaitie and Dylan to score big in Park Hill.

Another fantastic referral connection, Kaitie and Dylan are friends of Elise and Cooper, who you may remember bought a cute townhome with me at the beginning of last year. Soon after they were wed, Kaitie and Dylan were ready to start their home search adventure. They had been renting a Single Family Home in Park Hill and loved the lifestyle, but weren't sure a home with updates in that area would be within their ideal price range.

We began our search with a broad filter and started seeing a theme early on. Either the home was perfectly updated, but not in their ideal neighborhood - or it was in a great location but needed too much work. Ah, such is the everlasting Location, Location, Location dilemma. But not to fret! That weekend we were back out in the field, opening doors and comparing photos to the real-life "products". It was a productive week because, by Sunday, we had found "the one". Gorgeously remodeled, set back far off a quiet road in North Park Hill, with a large, fenced-in backyard - it was screaming "make an offer!"

Fully remodeled from the studs up, the home showed as move-in-ready. The only item left unfinished was the landscaping in the backyard. Kaitie and Dylan had expressed their desire to xeriscape, for both environmental and maintenance reasons, so the open palette was the perfect fit. In time, they hope to cover the ground with native clover and it is going to be beautiful!

Since the home had been on the market for just over 30 days, we hoped for some room to negotiate. After a bit of strategizing with our amazing lending partner, Bryson, we elected to submit an offer with a large concession at the list price. We waited on bated breath, hoping that our $18,000+ ask wasn't too risky and the seller countered quickly for a bit higher purchase price and conceded on the concessions! VICTORY!

It's always an awesome feeling to "win" a negotiation, especially when it makes the difference of hundreds of dollars a month on my clients' monthly mortgage. I'm also so grateful to work with top-notch real estate agents on the other side of the deal, who know exactly why we are asking for a concession and can explain it gracefully to their sellers. It was a pleasure and a humbling experience to work with Jennifer, who was an organized and impressive agent throughout the entire deal!

We jumped right in and had a cool inspection objection sent to the listing agent within the first week. A rather important item came up at inspection - the refrigerator (brand new and just installed) was not getting cold! We requested that the issue be remedied by closing and since the repairman said it couldn't be fixed, they replaced the entire appliance without batting an eye. Now that's what I call efficient!

The appraisal came in over asking, so Kaitie and Dylan walked into instant equity, despite bumping up their purchase price. Another win before we skipped off into the sunset...I mean to the closing table!

Kaitie and Dylan were accompanied to closing by my amazing managing broker, Chris Venne, as I was officiating the wedding of two dear friends in the Caribbean that week! (Shout out to Resident Realty!) And though we celebrated in different time zones, the energy was palpable for all parties. It is always an honor to usher renters into their "Homeowner Era", and Kaitie and Dylan's deal was no different. Three doggos now have a yard they can rush into and find solace in. And two humans have a special place to call their very own. What a cool thing that I get to help people do!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, Kaitie and Dylan. It was a pleasure guiding you through this process and a job I don't take lightly. Congratulations, again, on your purchase of a beautiful house that you get to call home!

And as always, thank you to the following people who made this possible:

Transaction Coordinator: Paige Gebbia

Lender Extraordinaire: Bryson Schoenecke

Managing Broker/Closing Agent: Chris Venne

TLC Consultant: Richard Coite

Listing Agent: Jennifer Heineman - BOC Realty

MLS: 8092578

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