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Congratulations, Rebeca and Damian!

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

He led the conversation with "I don't want to throw away our money by renting anymore. We will do whatever it takes to buy a home."

Rebeca and her husband, Damian, both moved to America from beautiful Ecuador with dreams of one day abandoning their spot in the rat race of renting, in lieu of attaining homeownership. When they arrived in Denver, they settled in a complex that was zoned for the Cherry Creek School District. Once Rebeca's youngest son began middle school there, they had no intentions of moving away from the area.

When we began their search for their first home, their primary "Needs" were to:

1. Stay in their beloved school district


2. Increase their square footage

That way, everyone in their multigenerational home would have enough space!

My husband, Hendrik, worked at the same company as Rebeca when we first moved to Denver and she and her family have been lovingly woven into our lives since 2017. We were lucky to have their help when moving out of our apartment in 2019 and I was excited to be a part of her home journey a few years later in return. Hendrik and I met Rebeca and Damian for dinner and the next day I inputted their most important criteria into our MLS search engine. Thus began our deep dive into the Cheery Creek School District home market!


We began our search in January 2022 and after putting in a few offers on homes that checked most of the boxes, we were pleased to secure a home they felt instantly and genuinely connected to. (You're just gonna love this next part!)

Ash took the lead and showed them properties while Hendrik and I were in Germany and as soon as Rebeca and her mother saw the baby birds in a wreath on the front door, they knew this property was special.

As they walked out of the home, another agent was walking up to the door to tour it with a different buyer. Before they left, Rebeca gave Ash a tight hug and whispered into her ear, “Let’s get it”!

With a bit of expert negotiation and some quick thinking on the part of our lender, we were able to win the home with ease. Rebeca and her family were equally stunned and grateful. We sailed through inspections, the appraisal came in over asking, and the baby birds found their wings just before the closing day!


Helping Rebeca and her family to find the perfect home has been an incredible honor and a delightful journey that Ash and I were thrilled to be a part of.

Rebeca and Damian, congratulations again on your adorable abode! We think it is just perfect for you all! Thank you endlessly for your trust in the whole team - it was our pleasure to assist your transition into this incredible new chapter in your lives and we can't wait for updates on the move!

As always, a sincere and heartfelt thank you to the folks who help to make these dreams become realities:

Partner in Crime: Ashley ( @Real.Eskater )

TLC Consultant: Richard ( @RichBunRoll )

Lender Extraordinaire: Ethan ( @Ethan.Muna )

All my gratitude,


To learn more about buying a home with The DEN Collaborative CLICK HERE

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