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Congratulations, Craig!

Y'all remember the adorable condo we listed at 4745 White Rock Circle?

(See this post for a refresher or swipe for more photos!)

We hosted an open house which yielded quite a few visitors and kept us busy as we started receiving offers on the home. By the time we got back to The DEN Collab headquarters, we had three offers in hand, all of which exceeded our seller's expectations.

And then Craig called! He told us that after visiting the open house, he was ready to move forward in putting in an offer on the home. He was already pre-qualified and was able to provide us with a lender letter right away. We submitted his offer to the seller, and as it was the contract which offered the most, had the best appraisal gap and the most appealing terms - our seller chose his offer!

We were so honored to help both our seller, Sara, and Craig, the buyer, through this transaction with ease and grace. While it was not what we expected, we were so grateful to be able to work together on both sides of the deal.

Congratulations again, Craig! Thank you for your trust in us, especially in the short bit of time we had to get to know you before going under contract. Although we expect you to be happy on White Rock Circle for quite some time, we look forward to helping you and your friends and family with their transactions sometime in the near future!


Ash and Meg


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