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Congratulations, Niki and Rob!

As it turns out, you can have your donut and eat it too.

We were lucky to be introduced to Rob early on in our Denver adventure. Hendrik and Rob worked together as German speakers and he quickly became a fixture at the BBQs we hosted at our Cheesman Park apt. Over the years we were introduced to Niki and were lucky to be there when they got engaged and to celebrate with them when they were wed. They are a few of our dearest friends and it has been an honor to help them navigate buying their first home.

We began our hunt in January 2022. Rob and Niki fought tooth and nail through the height of the spring market before taking a step back to regroup over the summer. When interest rates rose, I called to tell them that their competition was backing off.

We discussed the shift in the market over lunch and they realized there was a window of opportunity to snag the right place! Maybe even something in their dream location!?

We started a new search with fresh eyes and a glimmer of hope. And wouldn’t you know it - a condo checking every one of their (newly refined) boxes popped onto the market.

  • A kitchen with reasonable counter space

  • 2 Bedrooms for that WFH life

  • As near to Golden as possible

  • Outdoor space to call their own

  • Storage for heaps of camping gear

  • Reserved Parking Spot

By deciding that a garage was not of utmost importance and eliminating it from the search, they were able to open themselves up to a community that provides a space to garden (Rob's dream come true), a gym, a swimming pool, and hot tub and even a space for Niki and her band to practice!

Our team is so grateful for clients who trust us to guide them through this process (especially those willing to jump back in after a few months off from touring). It was so exciting to book a tour in a unit within their price range, in their ideal location. It was even better when we toured and they felt immediately at home. The community welcomed them with open arms and we knew right away that we needed to do what it took to secure the home for them.

In a market that is seeing so many seller concessions (cash for buyers to put towards buying down the rate) we only expected competition for one reason: location. The unit was well priced and is mountain and greenbelt facing, and also has great access to both parking and the community center. Sure enough, as soon as our offer hit the listing agent's desk, so did another. The war was on, and fortunately, my cadets were veterans of the 2022 spring market and knew how to play their cards in order to win.

We stayed in constant communication with the listing agent, worked out an aggressive strategy that made sense with Bryson, our lending partner, and got under contract on their dream home!

I know we call a lot of our clients "troopers", but that's what they are. They get back up after being pushed down and they believe in the power of homeownership. It's keeping the end goal in mind that gets them to the finish line. Rob and Niki are moving out of a rental that was affordable and wonderful, but also limited their comfort and crafts. They're moving into a new community and while it's not quite a single-family home, they have now begun the first steps toward building wealth through real estate.

Rob & Niki, we are so excited for you both and also selfishly very excited for the amazing donuts that will come from that kitchen. Congratulations!

As always, thank you to my amazing team of movers and shakers:

Partner in Crime: Ashley ( @Real.Eskater )

TLC Consultant: Richard ( @RichBunRoll )

Lender Extraordinaire: Bryson Schoenecke ( NeoHomeLoans )

All my love,



What else do you want to know about the process?

Are you wondering if now is a good time to buy?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

All listing photos courtesy of Elzbieta (Ela) Sobczak at Brokers Guild Real Estate

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