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Congratulations cubed, Allie!!

Where do I begin? I should start probably by pouring out my undying gratitude for Madam Allison. Within a little over a year, we've closed three (you read that right) THREE deals together and each and every one of them has been an utter breeze. Look at us go!

Let me lay out this timeline for those of you who are just joining the party:

Allie and I met up for margs on a Tuesday about a year after she purchased her first condo with me. We were discussing how much it had increased in value and that her 100 lbs puppy, Rory, would soon be needing a yard of her own to stretch her gigantic legs. I set her up on a search and got her back in contact with my lender the next day and by the weekend we were touring homes.

The very next Monday, we beat out 12 other offers and went under contract on an adorable single-family home in Thornton! Many of you are keen on the fact that this is highly unusual in today's market. Allie is my favorite kind of anamole.

Hoffman Ave.

in all its beautiful single-family home, grassy glory


All the while, it was time to start getting her condo in Glendale ready for sale. We brought over boxes, sent in the deep clean crew, the stager, the photographer, and our in-house handyman.

By the next weekend, her house was on the market and ready for showings! You bet your bottom dollar we accepted an over-asking offer by the end of the week and were off to the races on both Kentucky Avenue and Osceola Street!

4858 E Kentucky Ave. Denver, CO 80246

2 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom | 614 sq/ft

She netted $30K on her first investment and is now the proud owner of grass! With more room to work from home and let her furbabies roam, I'm sure she's going to be in this home a bit longer than one year...right Allie?!

Chat soon,


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