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The blog post I never thought I'd write:

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

My fingers are having a hard time finding their keys, my mind struggling to form words. I just keep coming back to "this isn't how this post was supposed to go".

Sara's home search was exceptionally simple. She knew exactly where she wanted to live - as close as possible to her favorite hiking trails, in the heart of Superior. She had already been on the search with another agent for the last 3 years, so by the time we met up in October of 2021, she was ready to jump on the perfect home. From what I know about her, Sara is a decisive and precise person. So, naturally, that's exactly what she did.

Tour number one. Home number one. She was in love.

From her perspective, it was an easy decision to make. We immediately put in a competitive offer and just like that, it was ours. Sara was thrilled! We worked together to find a solution to the higher-than-preferable radon levels and after closing, I made sure the home was in tip-top shape before she came over with the movers.

After Sara moved in, we were awaiting her "honey-do" list for our handyman and she went out of her way to leave Ashley and me a heartfelt review for me and Ashley. We try to make sure our clients are happy when we hand them the keys to their next chapter. We do everything we can to go above and beyond to ensure their comfort and reduce their stress. There was nothing that could have prepared us for what we were to face next, as real estate agents, and as a community as a whole.

6 weeks passed before the Marshall Fires took Sara's home from her. 6 short weeks since we hugged outside of her new house while the movers finished bringing in boxes and furniture. The morning of the fires, we checked in with her, hoping she was packing for evacuation. By that time, she had already noticed thick smoke, gotten the busy line from 911, and fled her neighborhood on foot.

She had already caught a ride with a stranger "east" and reunited with her parents who drove in to rescue her from another part of the state. She had already survived and she was sure of it - everything was gone.

(this is/was Sara's community - Sagamore)

The Sagamore sign sits among scorched trees and burnt earth at the entrance of the community
*Please email for photo credit*

If you know someone who's been personally impacted by the devastation of this or another fire, I am truly sorry. While this experience is not mine, Sara's loss has taught me that while "stuff is just stuff", the process of rebuilding your life after a tragedy like this is emotional, time-consuming, and life-changing.

Sara is fortunate to have family in the state, but after losing everything but the clothes on her back and the Adidas on her feet, she's currently without most items that make life feel "normal."

Our friend Dave (who actually, really, seriously might be a secret but real-life superhero) put together THIS DOCUMENT to give people an idea of who Sara is as a friend, and why helping her out actually helps him (and me!) hang with her and head back down the road to "normal".

If you've been looking for a place to make a difference, but you weren't sure where to start, you can help my friend Sara directly by visiting Dave's document with donation options at the bottom of the page.

We are not giving up! Sara is reviewing her options and we're providing her with as many tools as we can (without completely overwhelming her).

*Pssst: if you happen to be someone who may have related resources or options for Sara's rebuild/home search, please feel free to comment or contact me directly!

Keeping my chin up,


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