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Congratulations, Steph!!

I met Steph at our mutual friends bowling party and I assume it could have only been my granny bowl that secured her trust in me.

After some time spent away from the city, she decided it was time to dive back into the Denver home market and Tawney reminded her to call me so we could set a time to chat about her goals. (Appreciate you, friend!) Over the course of a few hours, with the company of both coffee and wine, I learned the ins and outs of what she was looking for.

I can’t explain how grateful I am to receive referrals and how good it feels to help those folks with ease and efficiency, especially when I need to pass the baton to my team and can fully trust them to get it done. Steph became pre-qualified and started touring the week before I left for Germany this year, so her search fell into Ashley's very capable hands.

They skipped around to a few different homes, exploring neighborhoods and finance options. Once they found “the one” Ash wrote up the offer and it was up to me to excuse myself from our family bbq to step outside and review the details of the contract. (Not as easy as it sounds, considering the way I was eyeing dessert...)

Together we were able to secure the contract, despite the seller having a higher offer on the table! There’s nothing quite like waking up in another time zone to a text from your business partner saying “UPDATE: We got the house!!” It’s even better knowing my client was still going to receive the best of care in my absence.

We glided through inspection, appraisal, and straight to closing! Congratulations again and thank you for your trust, Steph. It was our absolute pleasure to help guide you in your first solo-homeownership venture! We can't wait to see your new place come together!!

Lastly, I’ll never stop saying thank you to the people who helped make this home purchase happen and who believe in this vision as much as I do:

Partner in Crime: Ashley ( @Real.Eskater )

TLC Consultant: Richard ( @RichBunRoll )

Lender Extraordinaire: Ethan ( @Ethan.Muna )

All my gratitude,



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