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Congratulations on the sale of your townhome, Ron!

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

SOLD! A blog of many thanks and infinite gratitude toward a genuinely kind human and the serendipity that led me to him:

Perhaps one day I will manage to open my eyes for a closing photo. Ron's closing day was not that day - and with good reason! We had successfully sold one of his townhomes, and with the ups and downs of being in escrow as a seller and listing agent in Winter, it was a sweet victory once it was done.


Ron was referred to The DEN Collaborative late in 2022 by Nicole, a sweet friend of mine, and a neighbor of Ron's in the townhome complex. Do you all remember Tawney? She introduced Nicole and me years ago and as someone who already owned a home, Nicole filed away my information as a "real estate agent who is actually kind of cool and is also very good at her job." *Clears Throat* Introducing, yet another, MVP. Thank you, Nicole!


Click HERE to learn more about our listing at 600 S Carr Street:


We listed the property at 600 S Carr in early January of this year and boy did we create a buzz!

1. We started by cleaning the townhome top to bottom 🫧

2. Next our "Quality Control Specialist" spent the afternoon fixing up the little items like wonky closet doors and a wiggly sink faucet.

3. Then we had it professionally photographed and virtually staged.

4. Back at the unit, we placed our feature cards throughout the property and set up our sanitation station for showings!

4. At last, it was time to put it on the market and start hosting open houses with treats from the best @maddy.j.bakes 🍪


Within the first week, we had over 10 showings and at a time when the market was seeing an average of 2-3 showings per listing a week, we were ecstatic! Within the first two weeks of going Active, we were under contract and off to the races. The inspection came back with a few surprises and Ron and I were right on it. We brought in the experts who we needed to give us a second opinion and he hired out a few small jobs that he was keen on fixing because it was the right thing to do. In the end, the first buyer terminated at inspection with cold feet and we were fortunate to get it right back under contract in just under two weeks. We sailed through the second escrow with ease and the home appraised with no conditions! We were grateful to have a great agent on the other end of the transaction and skipped to the closing table, ready to sign.


In the end, it was the gal I met volunteering who eventually led me to meet Ron, a man who I have grown to admire and trust. He's a brilliant businessman and truly cares about the people he puts into his rentals.

A vegan for over 20 years, and yet somehow still a cattle ranch owner, Ron has forged a unique way of life that is both interesting and based in a well-considered routine. An avid traveler and explorer of places near and far, Ron is someone I look forward to working with and learning from for years to come.

Thank you for your trust in me and my team, Ron! I am so excited that we were able to sell your townhome for the price you wanted and with as little stress as possible.

Congratulations again!!

Thank you to the folks who made this transaction possible!

TLC Consultant: @richbunroll

Virtual Staging: @boxbrownie

Photographer: Meg Self

Listing Brokerage: Resident Realty

MLS: 6674729

Buyer's Agent: Kelly Williams at Modus Real Estate

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Ron Glandt
Ron Glandt
23 mar 2023

It was serendipitous but not surprising that I heard about you from one of your satisfied clients. My lucky day! A sincere THANK YOU, for all your thorough work, as without it, success would not have been achieved.


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The DEN Collaborative
The DEN Collaborative
23 mar 2023
Contestando a

Thank you so much for your kind words, Ron. It means the world to me that you were pleased with our efforts!! :)


Me gusta
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