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Cheers to our Business Retreat 2023!

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

What a weekend! This year for our annual team business planning retreat, we heard the mountains calling...


Juniper Mountain House was the "Headquarters" for this year's operation.

We needed a place with lots of spots to sit and work, picturesque/mind-numbing views, and of course, a hot tub.

We booked a king suite to share and since the room came with a mini fridge, we were able to bring along our favorite fruits and keep our champagne chilled - a most important detail.


We checked in on Friday night and kicked off the trip with "team bonding"... AKA: wine in the hot tub (under the stars)! While it sounds like all fun and games, we really were in serious work mode for most of the weekend. By Saturday morning, we were fully emersed in our 2023 Business Planning, only to be interrupted by an offer we had come in on our listing! Before we could even make a full plan for the year, we were under contract on our first deal. At which point, we promptly celebrated:


We kept our noses in our notebooks, pausing only to chat with the other hotel guests who were kind enough to check in on our progress and cheer us on upon their return from vacation adventures like a mid-day hot tub Rendez-vous or sledding in town.

By Sunday afternoon, we had finished our tasks and had eaten our way through the majority of our snacks. We were also fortunate to have sampled some of the most delicious coffee, breakfast, lunch, and dinner Evergreen has to offer.


The hotel owners, Alea and Ashley have done an incredible job updating the entire hotel since they purchased it in 2019. They entertain a myriad of guests throughout the year and even host weddings on the grounds! They were both extremely accommodating during our stay, making sure we had everything we needed, including yoga mats and meditation pillows:

I REPEAT - THIS IS NOT A DRILL! This boutique hotel is the place to escape from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life OR work environment. We found the perfect place of relaxation to bring us into the New Year with grace and gratitude.

After a weekend in the woods, I'm feeling ready to conquer 2023.

Curious about what we actually did to review 2022 in all of its pain (and in all of its glory) and to figure out what will bring us the most joy and prosperity in 2023? It's a culmination of different entrepreneurs' ideas. Our business planning "workshops" are based on carefully curated activities from people who know what they are doing when it comes to building a company from the ground up. We review our profits and losses, which campaigns we'd like to repeat, which ones we're going to nix, and how we can serve our communities better next year. It's an exciting opportunity to check in with ourselves and see what we are missing from both our day-to-day lives and our overall goals in life. At the end of each day, we treated ourselves to another soak under the stars and toasted to a job well done!


Thank you again for hosting us, Alea and Ashley. It was truly an honor to work from your space.

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