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You Grow Girl - a love note to time, growth, and teamwork!

I recently learned from a client/friend that every 29.5 years or so we all go through an astrological transition called a “Saturn Return”. Saturn, being the planet of responsibility, time, and wisdom re-enters our life to help us evolve into the next stage of adulthood. This shift can last for 2-3 years and acts as a catalyst for your next chapter in life.

Looking back at my timeline, I don’t think it’s any surprise I made the transition to real estate at 29. I was ready to put down roots and build a life that would allow me to be my fullest, most evolved self. So that’s what I did. Slowly, but surely, I have been growing in the direction of my dreams and learning more about who I am. Growing up is hard.

Growing up means setting inevitable boundaries, choosing differently for yourself, catching patterns and learning from them before the cycle starts again. Growing up is an active and persistent choice. I feel like I’ve grown up a lot in the past two years. Like a lot, a lot. Largely, in part, because of my alliance with Megan and The DEN Collaborative. Yet, I feel pulled to take my growth in a slightly different direction.

There is no easy way to say this, so I will simply say it - I have made the decision to step away from The DEN Collaborative and pivot to an opportunity that will allow me to grow in my independence. I will still be backed by the guidance of an incredible real estate agent (more on that to come), but I will be building my business as a solo agent - a change in which I am terrified of and excited for, all at the same time.

I am empowered to make this decision because I have been growing under the guiding wings of Megan and her family for the past two years. Megan is the kind of person who will lift up another person, even if breaks her own back. She possesses an endless well of gratitude for the little things in life and she is fiercely protective of her friends and family.

Everyone deserves to have someone like her in their corner and I can’t believe my luck in having her support from day one of my real estate journey. I am so grateful to have been a part of The DEN Collaborative’s inception and I am truly proud of the things we’ve accomplished together in business and, separately, in our own lives.

Megan taught me the ins-and-outs of helping home buyers and sellers through every step of the process and now I am ready to take what I’ve learned and apply it on a bigger scale. I am ready to push myself a little bit harder in order to reach the goals I dream of for my future.

I have learned so much in the past two years and still have so much more growing to do.

I have learned the fundamentals of real estate - from writing a clean offer to treating my clients with individualized care, from presenting a new buyer with the right information to helping a seller market their home in a way that maximizes value. I’ve learned how to treat my clients with undivided attention and care and I’ve learned how to show them my appreciation and gratitude, even after a deal closes.

At our annual business retreats we take time to look at a list of values and hone in on words that align with who we are and what we are striving towards. One of my favorite words from that list has consistently been “celebration”.

I feel this value fully encapsulates what I LOVE about practicing real estate. I love celebrating a client's choice to pursue the biggest financial decision of their life, I love celebrating the little wins leading up to a successful deal, I love celebrating the reached goal of homeownership, I love celebrating people who feel marginalized or who feel that homeownership isn’t attainable. I love celebrating the courage and responsibility it takes to tackle such a lofty dream. I love celebrating the growth of individuals and families as they transition into a new chapter.

Today, I celebrate where I’m at, where I’ve been, and where I still have left to go. I celebrate the growth I have seen in myself and mirrored back in Meg, I celebrate the real estate success we’ve accomplished together, I celebrate the friendship we have fortified through hard conversations and too many laughs to count, I celebrate the joy of knowing that I am capable and ready to build something on my own. I celebrate the long nights and tired days, I celebrate the hustle and grit, I celebrate the challenges and the changes. I celebrate and welcome it all.

Aside from best real estate practices, these past two years have taught me more about family and friendship than I have accumulated in my entire lifetime. From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for the opportunities to learn, not just as a real estate agent, but as a human being. When I needed it the most, Megan and her family were there to bring me in as one of their own. They showed me generosity and kindness in a way I had never experienced before. I have a clearer vision for how I want my life to look and that clarity is in part because I have learned how to slow down and appreciate the process.

To my wonderful clients - thank you. Your support is the backbone of my business. I am honored to have earned your trust and helped you with the biggest financial decision of your life. I hope I will continue to earn your business, no matter which brokerage I choose to hang my real estate license.

To Resident Realty, our brokerage, and The DEN Collaborative team - thank you. You were exactly what I needed to kick start my career and I am beyond grateful for the guidance and nurturing I have received over the past two years. I am ready to stretch my little wings and fly.

To Megan, Rick, Hendrik, Cracker Jack, and Filbert - thank you. I wouldn’t be here without y’all and I deeply mean that. You took me in when I needed housing, you helped me through some of my darkest moments, you taught me how to play a mean game of Uno, and how to pause for a moment and soak in that glorious backyard sunshine.

We have some incredible memories together and I hope we can continue to make them for years to come. <3 Love, Ash

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