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Updated: Jun 15, 2021

In March of this year, we started baking. We had hope that giving back to neighbors, first responders, and frontline workers would sweeten their day and put a smile on their faces.

So far, over 800 buns have been delivered to doctors, nurses, grocery store clerks, dentists, firemen, pharmacists, policemen and women, and the lucky neighbors on our street. Not all of them have turned out perfectly, but they’ve all been made with love. We humbly hope to recognize the sacrifices they have made and thank them for their tireless work.

Please reach out to the information at the bottom of this post if you know of a frontline worker in need of a sweet treat and a smile!

HUGE thanks to the man behind it all - Richard Coite

If you or someone you know is a first responder in the Denver/Boulder area, please reach out to the following info for a personal delivery of delectable buns! Megan Coite - Denver Realtor ® 303-801-8883 | instagram: @thedencollaborative facebook: @woodfiredpizzaovens

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