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Our Team Rebranded!

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

"Real estate the way it could be."

The day has finally come! Have you noticed anything different about our website and social media lately? After 6 months of collaborating with Mothershed Design Co. we are thrilled to announce that The DEN Collaborative rebrand is complete!

When I first started selling real estate, I spent a lot of long nights working on the development of my systems and branding. My degree is in advertising, so in the beginning, I pulled from that knowledge to create a document (or ten). Mornings were dedicated to walking in the park and listening to podcast after podcast about small business building. I took notes and made lists. I dreamt big and knew I was ready to work hard for my success.


Almost FIVE years later, I am humbled to finally have professionally branded collateral for an entire team! It's something I’ve dreamt of since the beginning of my real estate career. I think back to my 25-year-old self, working away in her Cheesman Park apartment... I want to pinch her and whisper “Keep going, you’ll get there, you’ll do it".

Behold - an overview of our updated brand collateral:

This rebrand is the beginning of a new chapter. One full of branded swag and opportunity! Not just opportunities for myself, but for other agents who want to deliver unparalleled service, with a bit of an edge, while subtly making a shift in the real estate industry.

To put it simply, we decided to rebrand because we wanted a “big girl” brand (and, heck, we needed official HEX colors).

We’d outgrown our initial branding and knew it was time to upgrade our aesthetic in order to attract buyers and sellers who want to work with both professional and spunky real estate agents.

We want consumers and our competition alike to imagine "real estate the way it could be."

What does your ideal real estate transaction look like? Is it stress-free? Is it straightforward? Do you feel connected? Do you maybe even have a good time?! That’s what we’re about and we wanted our branding to reflect those values.

I know my mom would be so proud of how far I have come since 2018 and how much we have accomplished as a team since 2020. She would have loved reviewing the different versions of collateral as they came in… and would have had an opinion on all of them. She would have made sure I knew this milestone was a BFD and celebrated with us!

So today, I am proud of myself. I'm proud of us!

If you're still reading, please - raise a glass of your preferred beverage and toast with us:

To: elevating the real estate game and looking towards our next chapter - full of healthy, balanced, and fun productivity!

I’m so glad you’re here and hope you’ll come along on this journey with us for years to come! Thank you all for your continued support and in advance for sharing our news near and far.


PS. If you’re thinking about buying, selling, or renting a home, we would love to connect and share our reimagined and fully streamlined process with you!

A very special thanks to the following folks who made our relaunch both

possible and beautiful:

Mothershed Design Co. -

Brand Identity and Collateral Overhaul

Kalen Jesse Photography -

Epic Brand Photos

Capri's Hair Studio -

Iconic Hair and Makeup

Resident Realty -

Superior Managing Brokerage

Can't get enough of The DEN Collaborative?!

Feel free to explore the rest of our website and keep an eye out for the Easter Eggs!

All of our love,

Meg & Ash


PS. Click here to learn more about Momma Betsy and how her life and death have impacted me and my baby business. - M

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