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Congratulations, Gem!

Updated: Jun 3

"This is it, this is my house."

- Gem, standing in the hearth room on our second tour of what would soon be her new home.

Gem and I met at a bi-weekly women's circle at the beginning of the year. We bonded over tea and chatted about life and when she learned I was a real estate agent, she shared with me her desire to start her home search adventure. She had her sights set for the end of summer at the latest, so our timing was nothing short of kismet.

When we met back up for tea and talk of home goals, I learned that Gem was looking for the following in a home:

  • A yard big enough for her senior pup, Pepper to play in

  • 3 + bedrooms including:

  • Space for her and her partner to work from home in separate spaces

  • A room for guests

  • Workout space would be nice

  • As would a little corner for yoga and meditation

  • Updated enough to move into with room to make it her own

With just enough aesthetic updates waiting for them, Gem landed on a beautiful house for her and Jason to update and make home. The welcoming hearth room and perfect split floorplan gave Gem and Jason an ample amount of rooms to make everything on their wants and needs list happen.

Since the home had been on the market for over a month and a half, we were aiming to negotiate. We were able to snag Gem $10,000 in concessions and terms that favored her in the way of a longer closing. She was so thrilled to have found a home that not only fit all of her needs but also worked perfectly from a down payment and monthly payment perspective - it was more than she expected to find and I was so honored to help her find it.

We jumped right in and submitted an inspection objection with only a few important items. We needed the roof to be replaced and while they were at it, we asked that they paint the fascia which had begun to peel (since it was so high up)!

The seller graciously agreed to do both and the deal moved forward with us waiting on baited breath for the new roof to go on. * Cue the roof dance *

While we were waiting for the roof to be installed, Gem spent her time collecting special items to use during her remodel. She was set on making it to closing, and so it was.


I am endlessly grateful to work with agents on the other side of the transaction who are rock stars in their own right! From negotiations to making sure the lawn was mowed for us on the day of closing, Nikki was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Danielle, Gem's mom, and Jovanna, our Spring Intern joined in on closing day celebrations and Jovanna learned that during a closing there are "a loooot of



It was an honor to help make Gem's dreams of owning a "sickening home" come true. We found her a house that she can make her own as she nurtures Pepper into her later years. It warms my heart to know that Pepper will have easy access to her outside world and that Gem and Jason are already getting started on their initial projects!




Thank you, Gem, Jason, and Danielle, for your trust and for the opportunity to serve you. It was my absolute pleasure guiding you through the process, and I am so excited for backyard hangs in the future!

And as always, thank you to the following people who make seamless deals possible:

Transaction Coordinator: Paige Gebbia

TLC Consultant: Richard Coite

Listing Agent: Nikki Owen - Compass Denver

MLS: 2953197

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