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2021: The Race for Space

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Special thanks to our friends Kevin Fuoco & Gina DeSantis at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation for the bulk of the following info!

The work-from-anywhere lifestyle isn't exclusive to Youtubing Van Lifers anymore. One silver lining of a global pandemic has been the exodus of the 9-5 herd from city living. As technology becomes more accessible and businesses adapt to the demands of working remotely, more and more people have the ability to move away from the city and into larger, yet more affordable homes.

Pre-COVID, many of our clients in Denver Metro sought walkability to venues that provided cultural, music, and dining experiences. However, according to's managing editor, Cicely Wedgeworth, "The biggest wake-up call this year was for city dwellers who'd long justified the high expense of their tiny apartments with the many perks of urban life—until those suddenly became unavailable."

Now, as the pandemic boils over into the new year, we've seen our clients sacrifice proximity for space. While more square footage (i.e. an office, an in-home gym, a classroom) is the priority, our buyers are searching for a sense of community now more than ever. This presents an opportunity to shift the way we design our neighborhoods in the future. Realtor’s Dr. Richard Florida, a professor at the University of Toronto states that remote technology "opens the possibility to remake cities, suburbs, and rural areas alike into more complete communities where people work, shop, take their kids to school and carry out all the rest of life’s daily activities in much closer proximity to where they live."

As technology advances and virtual work continues to shape our buyers' needs, we're curious to know how COVID-19 has altered your "wants vs. needs" list. What accommodations does your post-pandemic dream home feature? Where does your ideal lifestyle take you? Who stitches together the fabric of your life's most precious memories? What is your zombie apocalypse plan? What's your sign? What is your social security number and mother's maiden name? Let us know in the comments!

With BDE,

Ash & Meg

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