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Liz & Dan made the move to Colorado!

Liz and I met back in high school and reconnected this past February when she slid into my instagram DMs with news that her and her husband, Dan, would be making the move to Colorado by 2023. I was excited to catch up with Liz and reminisce on our high school experiences (we were both the high school mascot! Go MAVS)!

I learned more about her and Dan's motivation for moving, discovering that they loved the layout and updates of their Houston home, but were ready for a change of scenery. They'd visited Colorado several times and knew that the landscape and pace was more aligned with their lifestyle.

We became quick friends and stayed connected over the next several months. During that time the Denver housing market was seller-strong. Single family homes in the Denver metro area were averaging in the $750K range and were moving from "active" to "pending" within a matter of days. They decided the timing was right and began prepping their Houston home to sell. By mid-May they were under contract on their old home and settling into Colorado nicely in a short-term rental for them and their adorable fur babies. By the end of June they were ready to dive in to the market and find their future home.

Because Liz and Dan were new-ish to Denver we kept our search broad - a 3 bed, 2 bath, single family home in the Denver metro and surrounding areas for them to enjoy with their fur babies. They were open to a variety of neighborhoods spanning Thornton to Littleton, but knew they wanted a quiet neighborhood with a nice, private yard

and modern updates with room for improvement.

We took advantage of the Fourth of July holiday, diligently touring over the weekend while the rest of our competition was on vacation. Several of the homes we toured checked the right boxes and they were just about ready to pull the trigger on one of them when another home came back on market late Sunday afternoon...

From the photos alone we could sense it was "the one". In fact, I wrote the offer before we even toured the property because I was so certain they would love it... and they did. The moment we walked through the door we knew it was the right fit.

The home is a beautiful split-level tucked away on a cul-de-sac in a quiet neighborhood. It's manicured front lawn provides instant curb appeal and the spacious backyard is perfect for their pup to run around in. It missed a few essential boxes, like a working central AC unit, but had the right layout and nice updates throughout the majority of the home. Liz and Dan saw the potential and began daydreaming about the ways in which they could make it their own.

By Monday morning, we were under contract! They couldn't have chosen a better time to make this transition. With interest rates normalizing to pre-pandemic percentages, the Denver market has done a 180 in favor of buyers. A more balanced market means my buyers can relax a little through the transaction process. Liz and Dan were able to get under contract at asking price with a traditional 30-day close and standard closing terms.

Some highlights from this transaction include:

- Liz's qualification for a VA loan allowed them to get into a home with NO down payment!

- Liz and Dan saved 100s at inspection because the sellers provided two inspection reports from previous buyers (ask me why the previous buyers backed out if you're curious)!

- The sellers installed a new roof, allowing Liz and Dan to choose the color and warranty package!

- The home appraised $32,000 over asking price!!!!

Liz and Dan - congratulations on your new home and the beginning of a brand new chapter in Colorado. Thank you both so much for the opportunity to help you start this new phase of life. Y'all reached this goal well within your time frame and made a great investment for your future! I am so glad to call you both friends and to have reconnected with someone from my hometown. I hope your new home brings you years and years and years of happiness! I can't wait to see how you two make it your own. <3

All listing photos courtesy of Kristen Anderson at Your Castle Real Estate.

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